New DVLA Tax It Or Lose It Campaign Targets Car Tax Dodgers

DVLA television and radio campaign warns car tax dodgers to obey the law or have their vehicles clamped or impounded

Television warning

Tax It Or Lose It is a new, multi-platform, campaign that warns greedy, selfish, tax dodgers that their cars can be clamped or impounded if they fail to pay excise duty, The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency confirmed. During November 2017, this warning comes via catch-up television, radio, print media and the internet.

Consider the television broadcast, for example. It opens with a shot of a quiet residential street that incorporates terrace houses. An untaxed car – that is visible but predominantly transparent – is parked by the kerb. The transparency represents the keeper’s misconception that the authorities cannot see the car.

However, an enforcement van reverses towards the car and parks close to its bonnet. An officer emerges. The scene is then interrupted by a written message and voice over. It states: “If you haven’t taxed your car we’ll find it. Tax it or lose it.” The car is then shown clamped front/right to prove it has been immobilised. 

As the van leaves, a child passes the clamped car on a skateboard to further emphasise the “tax it or lose it” message. The subtext is that the perpetrator has to find alternative transport that is probably less comfortable, convenient and prestigious than the car.

“Only right” to target tax dodgers

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency’s Chief Executive, Oliver Morley, explained: “This campaign targets those who break the law by not taxing their car. While the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the road are licensed correctly - it is only right that we take action against those that think they can get away with it.”

Mr Morley further said that ninety-eight percent of vehicles are taxed throughout The United Kingdom. It is, therefore, a minority of cash grabbing motorists that consider themselves beyond the law.

Radio warning

The Tax It Or Lose It Campaign targets perpetrators via radio, too. 

The voice over says: “If you haven’t taxed your car here’s something to think about. At The DVLA, we have the records of over thirty-seven million vehicles on our database. Currently, we are clamping or impounding over ten-thousand untaxed vehicles every month. It’s nothing personal. It’s the law”, the warning concludes. 

Never been easier to tax cars

Mr Morley stressed it has never been easier to tax cars, be responsible and stay within the law. “Our online system is available twenty-four hours a day”, he explained. Furthermore, Direct Debit payments help drivers “spread the cost over the year”.

Furthermore, the Regit tool confirms when tax is due and sends reminders.

Its never been easier to tax a car ?? Maybe it is if you have the money. I'm not advocating not taxing a car but if you can only afford an older car then the tax is higher in many cases. Add to that you have a situation where the anti diesel brigade have devalued diesels meaning less trade in unless of course you want to buy a NEW car whose value will drop like a brick in the first few miles. I was even offered the ludicrous deal where I could scrap my diesel if I bought a diesel !! I currently have 2 diesels. The higher performance one returning less miles to the gallon than my standard engine one is taxed at a lower rate !!!

How many foreign vehicle owners that have lived here continuously for years pay UK road tax on their 'European' vehicles?

perhaps if the 'back street' traders, using trade plates on cars they use as their personal vehicles (it happens a lot near me, in fact I saw a 'tree surgeon' transit pick up the other week, on trade plates, with the back full of tree cuttings!!) instead of taxing/insuring them etc, it would reduce the number significantly. I also wonder how many of those vehicles have been 'off the road' for quite some time, possibly even before the 'sorn' rules came in, but are still on the DVLA system? plus not everyone has access to the internet (or cant use it) and theres also no online method for someone who is disabled (and has disabled tax) to change their tax online if they buy a replacement car (for those who don't want or cant have a motability car due to age restrictions or similar)

If they added the road tax to the price of diesel and petrol (which would only increase fuel by a max of 2p per liter) then every car on the road would be taxed end of problem.