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New Electric Audi R8

A spark of intrigue igniting the intrigue of the motor trade.

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Request a AUDI R8 test drive
The rumour mill has gone into overload on motoring blogs all over the world with the potential of an electric Audi R8 supercar to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motorshow.

Excitement was initially ignited when Audi board member Peter Schwarzenbauer was recently quoted saying the German automaker will unveil a “very, very sporty” electric vehicle at the Frankfurt Show.

While Schwarzenbauer would not confirm or deny whether the all-electric car would be based on the mid-engined R8, he did say that it won’t be based on a small or light-car platform and will instead be a more up market offering.

To compound this has been Audi’s recent as the German carmaker has just launched a microsite on the web called Electricity Untamed. The site itself is very vague adding to the mystique which Audi clearly want to involve the reader in, while open blogging, twitter, and facebook comments clearly suggest that Audi want the public to speculate about that which the company want to unveil (a countdown in the top corner is to the Frankfurt motorshow).

Other elements of the site include video features of electrically based theme, and various factoids relevant to the topic including the mouth watering ‘on 15th September 2009 electricity will be let loose on the general public’ slightly unnerving but I’m sure it will be safe.

Will Audi release an electric Audi R8 to rival the Tesla Roadster, or was this all just a rouse to drive more interest to the company, find out on 15th September.

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