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New government proposals speed twice and face a ban

Motorists could be banned from the road after just two speeding tickets

Another crackdown on Britain’s most dangerous drivers has been proposed today. Those caught significantly over the limit would be hit with an instant six points on their licence. If this happens twice in three years they reach the total for a six month ban.

Presently drivers receive a £60 fine and three points on their licence regardless how far they exceed the limit. Six points can be awarded for a very serious breach by the magistrates in court. Under the new proposal the harsher penalty would apply to those caught at 50mph in a 30mph zone, 60mph in a 40mph zone, and between 90mph and 100mph in a 70mph zone.

Ministers believe these harsh penalties will reduce death on the roads. Last year 2946 people died, 57 of them child pedestrians. Motorists who are caught just over the speed limit would only be awarded two points.

Critics fear the measure is another war on motorists who paid out £106 million in fines last year. A spokesman for the Association of British Drivers added: 'We could envisage circumstances where someone travelling at 90mph on an empty motorway in the early hours of the morning in clear visibility would be liable for six points, when the fact is that it is very unlikely that they would threaten anyone's life or even their own.'

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