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New laws for uninsured cars

Uninsured cars could be clamped or seized

New measures are being unveiled shortly by the government so that uninsured cars left on the road can be clamped or seized. At present the law says that a motorist is only committing a crime if he or she drives while uninsured, the new law will make it an offence to be the registered keeper of an uninsured car whether the car is being used or if it has a valid tax disc or is kept on private property.

This could lead to law abiding citizens being penalized for innocent mistakes such as allowing insurance to lapse whilst on holiday or working abroad. The only way to avoid the fine would be to complete a statutory off road notification (SORN) to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Under the new system, every motorist's insurance details will be checked by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency at least once a month. Where an insurance policy has lapsed, the DVLA will initially send out a reminder letter. If no action is taken by the motorist after around a month the DVLA will then issue a fixed penalty notice imposing a £100 fine which will be reduced to £50 if paid within 21 days.

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Is this new law another"paper tiger"ie.looks to be a good idea on paper with the teeth,but in the real world doesn't get carried out. Take the law regarding untaxed vehicles,I reorted an untaxed vehicle which was used on the road,to the D.V.L.A.,to the police and to the local Council,none of them where interested;at that time there were advertisements on the tv. night after night about untaxed vehicles. It,s okay bringing out new laws but who enforces them?

This is great and welcome idea. If you are doing this in UK, I hope it is only reasonable to also check the exportation of vehicles in this category especially to Africa where they become secondary burden to the people.

it's alright having all these new laws but they only make the goverment money off people who already struggle to meet there needs.?