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New licensing for clampers

Rogue clamping firms could get clamped

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced that the Government is considering standard licensing for all private clamping companies. There is no enforceable standard governing what clamping firms can and can’t do at the present time. Clamping firms only have to hold a Security Industry Authority licence.

If the Government passes new licensing rogue clamping firms will become a thing of the past together with the extortionate charges.

Many people have experienced the wrongdoing of rogue clamping firms; they often hide signs and then tow cars away immediately after clamping them. The Home Secretary said “There are clearly a minority of clamping companies indulging in unacceptable behaviour including unclear signage and excessive fees. That is why we intend to look carefully at how we can introduce a scheme for compulsory licensing of clamping companies and will publish proposals shortly.”

The clampdown will demand all firms adhere to the same standards with regard to clamp removal charges, customer complaints and the time a clamped car gets before it is towed away.

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