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New Mercedes-Benz CLC

New Mercedes-Benz CLC - £28,000 on the road

New Mercedes-Benz CLC

The new Mercedes-Benz CLC range will have a starting price of £20,000 with prices finishing at an estimated £28,000 on the road. The CLC has a top speed of 155mph and will get from 0-60mph in 6.4seconds with the CLC 200 CDI giving you 48.2mpg on a combined cycle. The standard safety feature included with the new CLC are Twin front & side airbags, ABS and ESP.

The CLC is available with a quartet of four-cylinder engines and a couple of six-cylinder units with power outputs ranging from the modest (122bhp) to the muscular (272bhp). The engines are a virtual carry-over from the C-Class Sport Coupe of old, and very good they have proved too. The headliner is the CLC 350 and despite its position as the most powerful version, it’s a good deal more relaxed than the Kompressor-engined versions at the opposite end of the line-up.

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