New MINI Hatch Raises The Stakes

New MINI Hatch Styling, Interior And Cargo Capacity

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The MINI Hatch is more thrilling than parachuting from six-thousand feet while blindfolded. Why? Because this third generation fashion statement has significantly improved on its predecessor's strengths. Now, first things first. The styling is similar to the older model as this classic look is very popular. Why repair something that is not broken, ey? It can, however, be distinguished as it is longer and wider (3,821mm by 1,727mm compared to 3,723mm by 1,683mm). This ensures that motorists have more shoulder space and larger footwells – and cargo capacity has risen from a very small 160-litres to a more reasonable 211-litres. Other exterior modifications include creases above the wheel arches and larger lights. Five vibrant colours have been added to the range too. Furthermore, the interior has evolved into a more sophisticated form. The central instrument therefore has a wider range of functions, the key-less engine start system is now standard throughout the range and certain switches – such as those for the windows – have moved to more convenient positions. The cabin is still 'very MINI', though.

New MINI Hatch Engines, Performance, Fuel Efficiency And Carbon Emissions

Now, parachutists are propelled by gravity but this hatchback range has three and four-cylinder engines. Highlights include the 1.5-litre 136bhp three-cylinder petrol that propels motorists to 62mph in 7.9 seconds. Pretty fast. It also averages an impressive 62.8mpg when bolted to five-speed manual transmission. Emissions are 105g/km. The 1.5-litre 116bhp three-cylinder diesel, in contrast, hits 62mph in 9.2 seconds and returns a staggering 80.7mpg. Emissions are only 92g/km. Finally, the 2.0-litre 192bhp petrol hits 62mph in 6.8 seconds, manages 49.6mpg and emits carbon at a rate of 133g/km. All can also be teamed with six-speed automatic transmission that slightly alters the figures. Clearly, these engines provide plenty of power and - as road tax is based on carbon emissions - ensure the cars can be taxed for free, or very little. The range's handling is impressive too. As such it turns sharply through corners, the steering feedback inspires confidence and it is tremendous fun. The ride is more forgiving than its predecessor's too.

New MINI Hatch Equipment

New MINI Hatch equipment includes its Parking Assist Pack. This – when the motorist wants to parallel park – automatically steers into the bay. He/she simply operates the throttle, transmission and brake peddle. The vehicle is also available with a reversing camera. Furthermore, it has Active Pedestrian Protection which lifts the bonnet to enlarge the crumple zone should it strike a person. This complements the Active Cruise Control system that automatically adjusts speed to match the traffic, the run-flat tyres and the sat-nav. Prices start at £13,750 and the manufacturer has a range of finance plans. So, there is no need to get thrills by parachuting blindfolded from six-thousand feet.