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New safety technology for Nissan GTR

Popup bonnet and anti drink drive mechanisms for Nissan GTR

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Alongside a new sportscar, Nissan will preview new safety technologies at the Tokyo Show this year.

The new Nissan GTR will steal all the headlines come motorshow time in Tokyo in October, but the Japanese will also unveil some new safety technology and we've been given the details a little early.

First up is a new pop-up bonnet, designed to reduce serious head injuries for pedestrians in a frontal collision. Jaguar and Citroen already feature this technology in the XK and C6 respectively, but it has yet to find widespread use due to cost. Though with the Euro NCAP's and indeed legislation's focus on pedestrian protection, we're likely to see a lot more cars fitted with such devices.

As Nissan points out, the choice for a designer is to raise the bonnet to a safe distance above the 'hard points' such as the engine or to utilise a bonnet that pops up automatically on sensing an impact at the front bumper. The result is that the pedestrian's head is protected, despite a sleek bonnet line.

Avoiding accidents in the first place is the reason for the display of a concept car featuring several measures aimed at stopping drunk driving. There are alcohol sensors on the gearknob and in the headrest, measuring alcohol in the driver's sweat and in the air. The electronics can even lock the car in 'Park', immobilising the driver.

On top of that, cameras monitor the driver's face for drowsiness and the position of the car. If the driver is dropping off, or the car is wandering around the road, the driver is warned with a series of visible and audible alerts, as well as a tightening of the seat belt.

The pop-up bonnet will go into production on the new Skyline, but the drink driving system is still in development. We'll learn more at the Tokyo Show.