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Nissan sales are on the up

Nissan have seen an increase in sales due to the Government Scrappage scheme

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Nissan have seen an increase in sales due to the Government Scrappage scheme. There has been a forty percent increase with the Nissan Micra production since the scheme was introduced.

It has been reported that approximately 11,000 Nissan Micra’s have been produced making September a bumper month for the popular supermini. This is an increase of 4% on last year making the Micra Nissan’s second best seller. Nissan launched a scheme of their own to coincide with the Government scheme and that has proved to be a hit. Nissan provides a minimum of £2000 trade in to any owner of a car aged 8-10 years when purchasing a Sunderland built Nissan. The Micra is not the only model with increase in sales, the Nissan Qashqai was up 15% last month and orders are still being made.

Trevor Mann, Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Nissan Europe: “The scrappage incentives have brought sales that wouldn’t normally have been generated with the Nissan Micra proving one of the most popular. “Both the Government’s and Nissan’s own schemes have stimulated the market and allowed us to protect jobs at the plant and in the dealer network. “The boost to production has been very welcome but we need to remain cautious as scrappage incentives are scheduled to come to an end shortly.