Nissan Showcases New, Zero-Emission, Electric Cars At Motor Show

New Nissan LEAF NISMO and IMx Crossover reveal brand’s vision for electric, zero-emission, future at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept

The Nissan LEAF is among the most popular, capable, and recognised electric cars in the world and its manufacturer plans to stay at the forefront of zero-emission technology thanks to innovations revealed at The Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The LEAF NISMO Concept is the high performance version of this family hatchback, for example.

Nissan claimed motorists can expect “exciting driving dynamics” mixed with clean, efficient, electric technology from this sporty variant. Whereas the company chose not to confirm the car’s full specification, it is more aerodynamically efficient and has less lift than tamer variants. It therefore sticks better to the tarmac.

The Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept has sporty styling to ensure it further excites enthusiasts. As presented at the show it has white paint yet the roof, centre of the bonnet and mirrors have contrasting black. NISMO badges and a flash of red close to the sills, on the bumpers and on the mirrors also emphasise its status. The black interior is special, too. Highlights include red, contrast, stitching on the seats and armrests. It complements red trim around the vents and start/stop button. Furthermore, the steering wheel has a red stripe top/centre to make it easier to confirm where the front wheels are pointing if driving with vigour.

Nissan IMx Crossover Concept

The Nissan IMx Crossover Concept has been showcased at The Tokyo Motor Show, too. It is a self-driving, fully electric, zero-emission, sports-utility style vehicle. The manufacturer claimed  it could take motorists to the airport, find a charger, charge itself, then return to the airport to collect them at a later date.

Styling emphasises its futuristic credentials and is sure to be noticed by family, friends and colleagues. Highlights include the sharp creases within the bodywork, deep crevices, panoramic sunshine roof and rear hinged back doors. Rear hinged doors – combined with the lack of b-pillars – ensures there are vast, uninterrupted, openings that make it easier to access the interior. Nissan IMx power comes courtesy of an electric motor on its front axle and a counterpart on its rear. It has all-wheel-drive, then. This combination produces 429bhp, 700Nm of torque and is fuelled by a 320kWh battery. Maximum range is 373 miles per-charge. This crossover vehicle has additional strengths. The highlights include:

  • Minimalistic, clean, interior inspired by a Japanese home
  • Completely flat cabin floor
  • Instruments controlled by eye movement and hand gesture
  • Steering wheel retracts while driving autonomously
  • Option for motorists to drive manually
  • Wooden dashboard wraps around the front and rear doors

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