Nissan X-Trail Prices

Updated Nissan X-Trail goes on sale on 1st September

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The updated Nissan X-Trail goes on sale on 1st September at prices starting from £18,795.

The X-Trail comes with a choice of 2 different petrol engines (2 or 2.5-litre) or 2 turbo diesels (both 2-litre), and a choice of trim levels called Trek, Sport and Aventura.

Six-speed manual transmission is standard in all cases, but if you prefer to live without a clutch pedal you can specify a six-speed automatic for the less powerful diesel and a CVT for either of the petrol models.

The Trek 2.0 petrol manual is the £18,795 entry-level car, and the only one with a list price under £20,000. Top dollar is £24,495, which buys you either the less powerful Aventura turbo diesel with automatic transmission or the more powerful version with the manual gearbox.

There are 3 trim upgrades possible: eXtreme, which costs £425, and eXpedition and eXplorer, which both cost £1700.