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One car stolen every five minutes

ITV programme reveals shocking statistics

ITV UK Car Crime programme revealed that one car is stolen every five minutes highlighting that all used car buyers are at risk of buying a stolen car.

“Last year, 14,000 vehicles were stolen in Greater Manchester alone, which illustrates just how serious the problem is,” explains Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager. “The problem continues as car criminals continue to employ a variety of dirty tricks, such as car cloning, to fool innocent purchasers into buying a stolen car. Car cloning is the vehicle equivalent of identity fraud where the stolen vehicle is fraudulently disguised as a similar vehicle already on the road.

“If you buy a cloned or stolen vehicle you stand to lose the car and the money you paid for it, as the vehicle will always be returned to its rightful owner. Consumers should recognise the risks and use every tool available to them to help combat the vehicle fraudsters. By conducting a vehicle history check and proceeding with caution, used car buyers can uncover a fake and walk away unscathed.”

When purchasing a used car there are tips to avoid ending up with a stolen vehicle. Check that the identification numbers on the car such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)/chassis number match those on the V5/logbook documents and they haven’t been tampered with; make sure you are buying the car from the registered keeper at their address which is on the V5 registration document. Never buy a used car without the V5 registration document. Also if the car seems to be very cheap for its true market value it is advisable not to pay with cash. To check if the car is on finance call HPI on 01722 422422 for advice.
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