Parents to Face Fines for Dropping Kids Off at School

Ever wondered who those big yellow zig-zags which announce ‘School Zone - No Stopping’ are for? Not the parents, apparently.

It’s a common nuisance during the school rush hours between 8am and 9am, and then again in the afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. 

As the new school year gets underway it seems like the government are actioning some efforts to relieve this occurrence. Three key goals need to be achieved:

  • Improve road safety for pedestrians, particularly young children.
  • Improve air quality for local residents and children.
  • Relieve traffic flow and reduce congestion around school zones.

To ensure this, some drastic plans have been rolled out over the country. In May it was reported that parents could soon land up to £1,000 in fines and a criminal record for driving their children to school. 

From September, 3 primary schools in Croydon will be experimenting with ‘pedestrian zones’ over a trial of 6 months. These zones will operate during the peak times before and after school, for roughly 2 hours each day. 

Exemptions will, of course, be made to teachers, residents and visitors to the school. The council will enforce these rules through the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. 

The three schools involved are Woodcote, in Coulsdon, as well as Heavers Farm and St Chads which are both in Selhurst.

Fines will cost £130, reduced to £65 if paid within a fortnight. 

Truly worrying statistics and research claims that air pollution is currently at illegal levels in 90% of urban areas, and contributing to around 40,000 premature deaths each year. This is made worse in school areas, where children breathe in 50% more air than adults (relative to body weight).

Other incentives include an ‘idling’ fine which was proposed back in April. This alternative would see a £20 on the spot fine given to any motorist sat outside the school gates with their engine running.

Of course, while there are congestion issues and environmental impacts to consider, these incentives are all a proactive effort to encourage more parents to walk their children to school or cycle if possible. 

Can kids not walk to school or have their parents walk them there. It helps excercise both their and their mother's bodies. Lets reduce obesidiy!

Yes, there needs to be more punishable offences for parents driving their children to school. There are four families close to me in my street all with students in the local junior school, just 0.7 miles away. Each parent starts off at roughly the same time morning and afternoon, each parent in their own car, one child seated in the back, all good friends. At the school, the parents pull up illegally on school zigzags or double yellow lines, totally ignoring the safety of children. Then either sit there waving and blowing kisses to their off-springs, or sitting waiting to take them home, many starting out early to get the spot (on the yellow zigzags, closest to the school gates (if not in the mouth of the school gates). Engines running of course. Where are the ;police? Where is the Traffic Warden? The situation has gone from the ridiculous to the 'Corrr Blimey'. Get off your fat asses, parents, walk your children to school if you don't trust them to walk unescorted, you will benefit, your kids will benefit , the world will benefit and other motorists will benefit. Put a large no parking, no stopping zone half a mile or so (except of course for residents, who incidentally, also suffer).

In principle I understand the requirement for such measures however you can not just carte blanche do this. Certainly primary schools are getting more packed and as a result children have to go further and in our case across a busy dual carriageway and then down a dangerous road where it is simply not an option for them to walk. There has to be some common sense applied to such rulings if it to be rolled out across the country.

Good luck

Why not cart blanc. If you lived by a school your attitude would be deferent. Not only the safety but the inconvenience of have your drive blocked and a mouthful from them if you say anything and I have to add the main culprits are Asian women

A tad generalistic there but it is a free world to say what you think. I agree there will be some parents that are inconsiderate and cause problems. It is, however, NOT everyone and certainly you can not distinguish it to a race or religion! I am saying that consideration would need to be given for where it is simply not safe or practical for the children to walk or cycle in. As it is I suspect any comments I leave may kick off something I have far better things getting involved in so this is my last comment on this. :)

Sorry gave to disagree with you about putting it down to race. I have Pakistani friends who come in my street and they themselves say the Asia woman who come in the street are the most offensive from the horses mouth without what they say to me. Sori but they think they gave the divine right to do ask they like.

What about fining people for parking on footpaths when there is enough room on the roads to park. If pedestrians walked in the road motorists would soon be gobbing off and papping their horns for them to get on the pavement. They do not care about blind people or genuine wheelchair users (not disability scooters) about having to go in the road because there are rows of cars blocking the footpaths. ROADS ARE FOR VEHICLES AND FOOTPATHS FOR PEDESTRIANS.

It appears to me that the government is now reaping what they sow, central government decided that most if not all of the small towns and village schools should be closed and the children amalgamated in large schools in largish towns with free transport, now transport is not free, next there will be no transport, how do the children from outlying villages get to school, do they at say 5 years old walk 5 to 10 miles to and from school each day. NO they need to be taken by car by a family member mum or dad. If not allowed to stop to alight the child cannot get to school. Be it on the authorities heads if a child suffers an accident from this stupid set of new rulers

I live about 200 metres from a primary school. It's really annoying! Mornings aren't as bad but in the afternoon the parents park both sides of the road, there's kids running around everywhere, they are really rude and don't say thanks when us residents let them out. I have a huge list of complaints and I'd love to see some rules put in place around here!

we see some bad parking outside schools the over weight young mums could not possibly walk could they, just push the lids out at the school gates.

School buses? - oh sorry cost cutting!