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Pedal powered Audi

At £6,800 this Audi pedal car is ideal for all boy racers

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Request a AUDI test drive

Audi unveils a new model for drivers under 4ft 4". Niche marketing gone mad? Nope, it's a pedal car!

Audi has added a new model to its range that's exclusively for drivers under four-foot four-inches (1.35 metres) tall. It's not some niche-marketing experiment gone mad, but a half size 1930's Auto Union Grand Prix Type C pedal car replica. It'll be built to limited numbers, with only 999 examples planned.

Not that exclusivity is ever likely to be a problem.

Indeed, the kid next door isn't likely to have one, as this is a toy for super-rich children. It costs a whopping £6,800. Insane as that might sound, the fantastic craftsmanship that's gone into producing it has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Fittingly, it's built by quattro GmbH, the same people who produce Audi's most expensive and high performance models. Unlike the car it so closely resembles it's not got 520bhp or a 16-cylinder mid-mounted engine. Instead it's one-person-powered via pedals.

There are gears borrowed from a bicycle to make it a bit easier to use, and even inboard brakes. Engine aside, every last detail is replicated faithfully, from the spoked wheels, silver paintwork and riveted body to the leather bucket seat inside. Even with a huge downhill you'll never match the Grand Prix car's pace, though we bet it'd be great fun trying!