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Peugeot BB1 electric concept car

Decision close for fate of BB1

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Request a PEUGEOT test drive

Peugeots director general Jean-Marc Gales has stated that a decision will be made within the next four months on the fate of the Peugeot BB1 concept car. It is hoped that the Peugeot BB1 will go into production.

The 8ft 2in four seater Peugeot BB1 has a lithium-ion battery powered driveline with two 20bhp in wheel electric motors, these give a combined output of around 20bhp, plenty of power for something weighing in at only 600kg. Its lithium-ion batteries can deliver a 130km range, a top speed of 80mph and can be fully recharged in just six hours. The Peugeot BB1 can cram in four passengers which is clever seating as it is smaller than the Toyota IQ. Instead of a steering wheel it has handlebars; the seating is bicycle style saddles. With its carbon-fibre bodywork, the Peugeot BB1 will not be cheap, but Jean-Marc Gales says it should sell for less than 12,000 Euros (£11,140). It might also mean the vehicle could be homologated under the quadricycle rules, which will mean cheaper tax and insurance.