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Police wrong about flying Reliant Robin

Robin Reliant not a racing car shock!

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A Reliant Robin driver has had dangerous driving charges against him dropped after it was proven that his three-wheeler couldn't travel at high speeds. Cambridgeshire police alleged that George Maltby, 46, had overtaken their unmarked patrol car at "over 70mph" in a 40mph zone with "its front wheel off the ground, creating sparks".

Mr Maltby was carrying three passengers at the time and contested that he sensibly overtook the unmarked Mondeo after its driver slowed to look in a car showroom window. Maltby's story was backed by an independent accident investigator, who pointed out that the Reliant was incapable of travelling at 70mph with three passengers on board and couldn't have have created sparks - because of its fibreglass body. Nicola Devas, defending, told the court that officers had 'over-egged the pudding'.

Mr Maltby only drives Robins as he holds a motorbike licence which doesn't cover him for conventional cars. The three day trial has been seen as a farcical waste of money by many. Leaving court Maltby commented that the fastest he'd ever driven his Robin was at "55mph on a dual carriageway" before adding "Lovely jubbly."