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Renault Clio III

Working bonnet catch as standard

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Request a RENAULT CLIO test drive

Two Years ago a potentially fatal problem was exposed by Watchdog concerning the Renault Clio Mark II. It seemed that without warning bonnets were opening while the car was moving obscuring the drivers vision and cracking the windscreen.

When the report was featured two hundred and fifty people contacted the programme explaining how the same thing had happened to them. One viewer said that he was traveling at seventy miles per hour and his bonnet flew open, his car was written off as when he tried to pull into the hard shoulder he was hit from behind by a bus, another viewer reported that her bonnet flew open whilst she was driving on a busy motorway.

An expert from Watchdog examined the Clio Mark II and he found the safety catch to be particularly dangerous because if the owner pulls the catch too hard they can actually force it out and into the unsafe open position. He believed that Renault should have recalled the cars.

There is now a new version of the Clio; the Renault Clio III has a completely different bonnet catch made entirely of metal which is fully integrated and fail safe. There is still thousands of the old style Clio on the roads, many of the cars are owned by learner drivers and it has been widely rumored that if you want to take your driving test in this car you would be unable to, due to the fact of the bonnet being unsafe. If you do own this vehicle it would be advisable to check with your local driving test center if you can use this model Clio for your test and also with your local Renault dealer to enquire if it has been recalled.