Rooney Fuel Mistake

150,000 people per year put the wrong fuel in diesel cars

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Wayne Rooney has joined the staggering amount of people who accidentally put the wrong fuel into their car. It is an expensive mistake and will probably set back Mr Rooney approximately six thousand pounds after putting the wrong fuel in a customised Range Rover Sport V8 broke down on the M62 in Cheshire.

Putting petrol in a highly tuned diesel engine can be catastrophic; the oil content in diesel is designed to lubricate parts of the engine when the motor is running. The amount of damage depends on how long the car is running, the ratio of petrol to diesel in the tank and how far it has travelled. A misfuel prevention device named Rightfuel is being launched by Caparo on the 25th September at the Green Fleet Awards in London, the device prevents the wrong type of fuel being added to diesel vehicles and may spare roadside blushes for motorists in the future.