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Russia is important to British Car Manufacturers

Soaring sales in Russia keep production lines moving

Despite the recent reports of the car credit crunch there are statistics to show that Russia play a key role in keeping British car production lines moving. In 2001 Landrover sold just 430 vehicles but this year they expect to shift 21,000 which are double 2007’s sales. Russia is now Land Rovers third biggest market behind the UK and the USA but they expect to overtake America in the next five years. Aston Martin did not open a Russian Dealership until 2006 but last year they sold 35 cars, they expect to double that this year with Russians happy to pay almost £250,000 for James Bonds DBS model.

The ‘must have ‘ car in Russia is the Rolls Royce and a Roller will sell for £400,000 so even though only 30 were sold last year it is still highly profitable. Bentley has opened a new showroom in St Petersburg and two hundred were sold last year compared with 67 in 2004.

Britain’s favourite Mini has been on sale in Russia for over a year they are expected to double their sales this year and Jaguar who are relatively new establishing themselves in Russia expect to double last years sales of 1,000 this year.

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