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Save thousands on the Renault Twingo Freeway

Renault Twingo available at a fantastic price

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Request a RENAULT TWINGO test drive

The Renault Twingo Freeway 1.2 can now be bought for £5395 which saves £2000 using the Government scrappage scheme and the manufacturer discount. The popular Renault Twingo had already sold out when the government package scheme was introduced, now the scheme has been extended so a Renault Twingo is still available at a fantastic price.

The front and rear of the Renault Twingo Freeway have been designed to shrug off minor knocks, driving down insurance costs. Meanwhile, strong fuel economy has been achieved by the fitment of electrically assisted power steering which makes a saving of around four per cent on the car’s fuel consumption figures. The 60bhp Renault Twingo Freeway version is actually the best performing derivative in the Twingo range from this standpoint with its 50.4mpg economy and emissions of just 132g/km.

The Renault Twingo can offer enjoyable handling, space and value for money. Bearing these strengths in mind, buyers could do a lot worse than focusing their attention on the most affordable model in the range, the 1.2-litre Renault Twingo Freeway.