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Savings to enjoy owning a Hybrid Car

The Hybrid car may be more expensive to buy but savings are made later

The Hybrid car is typically more expensive than conventional vehicles, you can pay up to two thousand more on the retail price depending on the design, but once bought savings will be made as they are much more cost-effective.

Hybrid cars are refuelled in the same way as conventional cars so any petrol station can be used. There is a huge reduction in fuel costs 15-30 percent less fuel per mile. Most hybrid cars are exempt from congestion charge which is another huge saving especially if you travel daily into London. Other city centres will be following suit with congestion charges as reported earlier in the year so eventually savings will be made all over the country.

Ownership of a Hybrid Car also means being placed in a lower tax band. Typically Hybrid cars fit into the tax bands A-C. If your car emits less that 100g/km of CO2 it will be exempt from taxation altogether.

The number of hybrid cars is on the increase, the Toyota Prius being one of the most popular - there is also the Honda Civic and the Lexus. There are many more that will be coming soon these will include the BMW X5 Hybrid, Kia Rio Hybrid, Mercedes Blue Hybrid, Peugeot 307 Hybrid, Peugeot 308 Hybrid, Porsche Cayenne and the Porsche Panamera.

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