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SEAT Ibiza Cupra R

The hot hatch gets even hotter..

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The SEAT Ibiza Cupra R is by all means a very good car, the speed handling and drive is one which will put a smile on the face of even the most aggressive drivers while having a price bracket which is very competitive for the market.

More recently however the SEAT Ibiza Cupra R has been left looking a bit silly when taken on by the recent remake of the Ford Focus RS, which quite simply blows the pants off what was a seriously hot hatch.

Not to be outdone by Ford, SEAT have announced the launch of their all new SEAT Ibiza Cupra R due to compete with the Ford over tarmac or track in days to come, and due to be announced at the Frankfurt Motorshow.

Featuring the ever popular 2.0 TSI petrol engine, the same one which sits in the current SEAT Ibiza Cupra R, the difference will come in the form of an upgraded engine which will produce a tremendous 261bhp. All this means that the nibble hatch, as hot as the island its named after will hit 62mph from a standing start in just 6.1 seconds a smidgen behind the racy Ford Focus RS.

Sitting on 19inch wheels and with 17inch front and 16inch rear disk brakes, put your foot on the middle pedal too hard and it will feel like you’ve just hit a wall.

Interior will keep up the racy feel with aluminium pedals, and bucket seats which will attempt to keep your trembling body in the car as you career around corners, while the flattened bottom of the steering wheel will make you feel that you are sat in Lewis Hamilton’s track car.

The exterior aesthetics continue the image of a car which is designed to go fast with a wide body and huge front grill which snarls at startled rabbits.

The SEAT Ibiza Cupra R will give serious competition to other hot hatches.