Silver is top used car colour in 2009

Silver sells according to British Car Auctions

British Car Auctions (BCA) has published details of the most popular used car colours sold in the first three months of 2009. The data covered 125,000 used cars and silver took the number one position at nearly 25% which proved to be a 1.5 point increase since last year. The next most popular colour was blue closely followed by black. Red only made into the top five whilst grey jumped from seventh to fourth.

BCA’s Tim Naylor commented “When it comes to colours, manufacturers are clearly flexing their artistic muscles and fashion sensibilities to deliver a bewildering choice of colours and shades. And underlining the growing numbers of women buying cars, we are also seeing softer colours and finishes such as lilac, mauve and pearlescent becoming more popular on certain models. Despite that, most motorists appear fairly conservative when it comes to colour and still feel more comfortable choosing Black over Carbon Quartz. ”

Naylor concluded “There is of course an element of the self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to the colours of used cars. But motorists can choose between different colours on similar models and getting the right colour on the right car will make it a lot more appealing. And we would certainly advise anyone going for a more exotic colour to think carefully about the resale value you may like Mushroom, but the next prospective used car owner might not!”

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When it comes to used car sales the list also features colours that are increasingly subtle to make their vehicles more appealing - Amethyst, Aluminium and Avalon, or Morello, Mulberry, Mushroom, for example, while Psychedelic Azure and Carbon Quartz typify the new generation of colours, where one word just isnt enough to convey the sumptuousness of the actual colour!