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Smart Motorists Slashing Repair Bills

Shopping around for a better deal can slash repair bills.

Repairing cars can 'suck up' money like teenage daughters. However, motorists can slash repair bills by following a simple principle. Never accept the first price. Consider the following examples.

A Nissan Primera's front wing and door were dented. The garage claimed both panels 'must' be replaced, and quoted £1,650. However, another dealership repaired the vehicle for only £35 - a staggering saving of £1,615. Equally, another driver was quoted £750 for brake pads. He shopped around and saved £500. These savings can also apply to servicing, tyres, and other consumables.

Despite the potential savings there are other issues to consider. Lower prices may indicate poorer quality workmanship, or cheaper generic parts. Therefore, clearly establish what you are getting and compare 'like with like'. A 'basic service' from one garage may be less comprehensive than another.

Whichever garage you choose, push for discounts. Motoring is a competitive market and dealerships, like many businesses, are feeling the economic pinch. The power is with consumers and shopping around could save you a fortune.
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