Spanish Authorities Test Speed Bump That Only Affects Speeders

A brand new speed bump which doesn’t disturb slower moving traffic.

It’s a bit annoying, when you come to think about it, that speed bumps are in place for the individuals who drive at dangerous speeds but us regular motorists are left to feel every single bump that gets put in our way.

It’s just not fair.

Spanish people seem to agree, and a company called Badennova have come up with the answer…

This alternative speed bump is filled with liquid which is soft and squishy when you go over at a nice slow speed, but upon contact with a speeding car it stiffens up and puts a real shock through the car - like a regular speed bump would…

Using science language, the bump is filled with a non-Newtonian liquid which changes viscosity depending on the velocity at which pressure is applied. Basically, drive slow and it’s like driving over jelly, drive fast and it’s like driving over a rock.

These bumps are currently on trial in a place called Villanueva de Tapia, in Spain, as well as in Israel and Germany. 

Fingers crossed, we’ll eventually get them on our shores, and the Badennova website states ‘Installation is a fast and simple procedure by screwing up the metal plates onto the pavement in 15 minutes’ which might mean a lot fewer roadworks than you would have imagined!

Always wonder why speed bumps are legal - its punishing everyone, and for some with medical problems/disabilities it can make the road unusable. Use of speed bumps should be made illegal everywhere, and with this new design there is no excuse.

I remember silly putty being reviewed on the tv programme Tomorrow's World sometime in the late 1960's or early 70's. They marvelled at the substance but complained no one had thought of a suitable use for it in spite of it being invented in 1943. The reason for the review was someone had thought of a use for silly putty. It was thought to be the ideal substance to fill a series of small dampers to be fitted to railway lines on the final few yards of track to slow shunted trucks before they hit the buffers. There was an accompanying film of the new devices in operation. Apart from vague references to the substance being used as a toy I have heard nothing about it until today - if the non-Newtonian fluid referred to is silly putty and not merely a corn starch recipe.