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Speed Camera Phobia

Motorist receives counseling for speed camera phobia

Colin Gant has a phobia of the fixed-point Gatso speed cameras. He drives approximately five hundred miles a week and takes detours to avoid camera sites. If he sees a camera he has a panic attack and has to pull over.

The phobia is in fact a fear of the camera incorrectly flashing him. He has never had a speeding ticket and has never been caught by a camera.

He has suffered from the phobia which is genuine for fours years. He said: "I don't think there was any one moment when I suddenly realised it was becoming a problem. There was a growing realisation that something was wrong. It started playing on my mind all the time.”

He has been helped by Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, which has attempted to prove how reliable the cameras are. Mr Gant was invited to the office for a behind the scenes look where it was explained how the cameras work. His greatest fear is that he would be unfairly prosecuted.

A spokesman for Anxiety UK said Mr Gant was not alone in suffering the speed camera phobia and said their own chief executive has the same fear.

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