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Supercharged Mini Cooper S Convertible

A fun compact convertible

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Request a MINI COOPER S test drive

The Mini Cooper S Convertible isn’t cheap but it is a fantastic compact convertible. The up front price is around £17,960. Standard equipment of the Mini Cooper S Convertible includes the fully electric roof, Park Distance Control and 16-inch ‘X lite’ alloy wheels. There are numerous upgrades including 17-inch five-star bullet alloys and all singing all dancing stereo, it would be easy to push the price up to £20,000 with the tempting options that are available.

The Mini Cooper S Convertible can achieve 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 134mph.The joy of the supercharged engine is its flexibility and in fourth gear the mini moves from 50 to 75mph in just 6.6 seconds.

The roof itself is a fully automatic fabric affair which is far easier than the more complex folding hard top fashion. Opting for this more complex engineering solution would not only have ruined the shape of the Mini Cooper S Convertible but also severely impinged on its luggage space. As it stands, the car retains a characteristic profile with the roof in place yet looks appealingly cheeky with the hood down. Press a button once and the roof slides back by 40cm, creating a sunroof effect. Press it again and the hood retracts fully, folding down behind the rear seats. It’s not the neatest stowing arrangement but it only takes 15 seconds to get there and you’ll retain a healthy 120 litres of storage space in the boot.