Swearing Road Tax Dodger Cuts-Up Police & Has Vehicle Impounded

Rude, reckless, driver brake tests cops then has his vehicle impounded as authorities nationwide punish law breakers

Police shame dangerous driver on social media

A foul-tempered driver without road tax chopped-up an unmarked police car, braked hard, then swore at the officers who then promptly impounded his vehicle, East Midlands Tactical Roads Policing Team confirmed. “Do not give our officers the middle finger and slam on your brakes”, a spokesperson quipped on Twitter.

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4Motion was seized for lacking road tax rather than the motorist’s irresponsible, reckless and hazardous behaviour behind the wheel. The police tweet further included a picture of it sitting forlornly on the back of a recovery truck. Hundreds of law abiding drivers “liked” this tweet.

South Lakeland District Council crackdown

In recent months, numerous authorities throughout the nation penalised motorists that thought themselves above the law. In August 2017, for example, Cumbria Police, South Lakeland District Council, and The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency implemented Operation Strong. Its remit covered Kendal and the nearby villages. 

A van fitted with automatic number plate recognition cameras patrolled the streets looking for vehicles that lacked tax, insurance and/or MOT. Such efforts identified seventy-six vehicles that lacked tax (twenty-one of which were clamped), three that lacked insurance, one that needed a MOT and one that was abandoned. 

South Lakeland District Council Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer,  John Barwise, explained: "It is about responding to complaints from the public and taking the necessary enforcement action. We are here to get cars off the road that are parked on the highway illegally.”

"The vast majority of people pay for tax, insurance and MOTs, so it is only fair we take action against those who do not", he revealed.

Wellingborough Council crackdown

Such efforts were replicated elsewhere. Wellingborough Council received complaints that selfish, road tax dodging, drivers were parking in Knox Road. Community Support Officer Kev Lumbis claimed:

“Six vehicles were issued with a notice for owners to remove the vehicles before being removed. Out of six, three were removed by contractors, two by owners and one will be moved within two weeks.”

East Midlands Airport crackdown

During September 2017, East Midlands Airport hosted a crackdown that focused on taxis. Of the one-hundred and thirty-eight vehicles inspected, eighteen fell short. Some lacked road tax, some had poor tyres and some had minor issues such as blown light bulbs.

Inspector Ivan Odell of Leicestershire Police said: "The vast majority of taxis and licensed vehicles were being operated safely and legally. However, this operation will be repeated and should serve as a warning to those which choose to operate outside the law."

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