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The 4x4x4x4 Mini

The Mini Crossover has been given the green light for production

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Request a MINI test drive

The Mini Crossover is due to be unveiled as a concept car at next months Paris Motor Show. It has been given the green light for production and should be in show rooms by late 2010.

The four door Crossover features a new sliding rear door on the driver’s side while the rear door has a frameless window and when open swivels to one side making it easy to load long items. The Crossover is more than three feet longer than the original version it is also the tallest mini ever at 5ft 2in and the widest at 6ft.

BMW believe that this will be the perfect vehicle for lovers of big 4x4s who need to downsize to a vehicle with more acceptable fuel economy and emissions. By the time the Crossover goes on sale BMW will have improved the efficiency and performance of the 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engines making the model even more attractive and it will get a four wheel drive system for the first time.