The BMW Mini 4x4x4x4

The BMW Mini Crossover has been given the green light for production

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Request a MINI test drive

The BMW Mini Crossover has been given the green light for production and should be in show rooms by late 2010.

The four door BMW Mini Crossover features a new sliding rear door on the driver’s side while the rear door has a frameless window and when open swivels to one side making it easy to load long items. The BMW Mini Crossover is more than three feet longer than the original version it is also the tallest mini ever at 5ft 2in and the widest at 6ft.

BMW believe that this will be the perfect vehicle for lovers of big 4x4s who need to downsize to a vehicle with more acceptable fuel economy and emissions. By the time the BMW Mini Crossover goes on sale BMW will have improved the efficiency and performance of the 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engines making the model even more attractive and it will also have a four wheel drive system for the first time.

Anquiry about the mini cooper left hand drive with a facility payment. Thank you

That looks awful, I could come up with something better than that with a my daughters ply dough! I'll stick with VW.

wow...lost the plot! Mini was about simplicity and style. This must be the least attractive car I have seen for many years. Sir Alec would turn in his grave. Give the mini back to the UK

Very pretty- but will the 4 wheel drive be an electronic "just make it across the LEVEL polo field joke", or will it pull a trailer with two 100KG pigs up a steep wet hill - ie is it aimed at being a mini chelsea tractor or a genuine 4 wheel drivE vehicle - I guess we'll have to wait and see if BMW are serious or just rebadging????

Im getting one! i just hope they release the new crossover 4x4

Amazing - How much?

Excellent Currently looks like a smaller version of current Landrover Freelander Hopefully the price will be realistic.

ExcellentLooks like a smaller Land Rover freelander.Hopefully price will be realistic

What a ridiculous idea. Take an attractive small town car and add a load of weight, height, ugliness... for no good reason. Basically take away all the benefits of owning a Mini. Its sad reflection on being human that lots of people will probably buy it.

I wonder how Alec Issigonis would feel about his revolutionary design being used as a marketing slogan for BMW ??? this is a diabolical excuse for a vehicle & bears not the slightest resemblance of the original mini !!! BMW ?? Big Money Wasted , rip Alec , rip the Mini !!!

Ugly pointless car

Yeuch! It's not a Mini, it's a monstrosity! Just what do BMW think they are doing to Sir Alec Issigonis's masterpiece? God bless my 1978 Mini850!

The write up states that there will be a new sliding door on the drivers side, is there a normal door on the other side? Also when they talk of the drivers side are they talking left or right hand, I hope that safety has been considered and that they have not made the same mistake as on the new estate car with the only means of exit from the rear door is on the right hand drive drivers side straight into oncoming traffic, its a potentail death trap. I agree with Jim W they have lost the plot initially they had a car that had the appearance of the original Mini the new designs are loosing that identity.

I don't think it looks anything like a small freelander. I think it's butt ugly. They should stick to making the MINI small and sporty. Keep it simple maybe make a budget one too!It will be over priced and never see the off road!

What a sad waste of what used to be a British icon. The Germans certainly do make fantastic cars, but the mini is ruined and hidious.

What a mess! A clear case of brand exploitation gone seriously wrong. Interesting how 90% of comments are of the same view!!