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The car to guarantee every traffic light will be green

New device to beat the red light traffic queues

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German car-makers Audi have developed an in car gadget called Travolution. The device would ensure that you arrive at every traffic light when it is green. Audi claim extensive trials have been so successful that in one phase of testing cars nearly always hit a light on green. The gadget tells drivers how fast to go in order to sail through a junction by speaking to special transmitters fitted inside a traffic signal that can be three hundred yards away.

The technology would not benefit roads if traffic is not flowing but if traffic is moving slowly it would advise what speed to maintain in order to avoid stopping. The C02 emissions would be greatly reduced as there would be fewer cars stationary at the lights and fuel economy would be improved by ending stop start inefficiency.

If ten per cent of vehicles were fitted with the device it would dramatically reduce congestion. It will have to be tested thoroughly in many real and different types of traffic conditions, further tests are expected next year.