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The clean, green Audi A8

Audi to offer UK's cleanest luxury car with updated A8

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Request a AUDI A8 test drive

Audi's newly updated A8 will become Britain's cleanest luxury saloon when it goes on sale here in late August.

It offers a 2.8 FSI petrol engine which emits a class-leading 199g/km CO2. That's less than the efficient diesels available in this class and even Lexus's range of LS hybrids - although these Japanese rivals are much more powerful. The lower-polluting A8 still has 205bhp, gets to 62mph in eight seconds and presses on to a 147mph top speed. It also manages a manufacturer claimed 34 mpg combined.

Alongside the extra efficient engine, Audi will offer new 3.2 litre V6 petrol and claims to have enhanced the 2008 A8's styling, equipment levels, ride and handling characteristics. It will also be the "quietest luxury car in class" according to Audi, apparently offering whisper-quiet road and ambient noise levels thanks to extra sound deadening around the cabin.