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The Green accelerator pedal

Nissan could teach us to drive more economically

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New technology from Nissan could mean we are able to drive cars that teach us how to drive more economically. The Japanese company has just announced its new ECO pedal, an accelerator pedal that assists the driver in driving more economically.

Sensors in the car would calculate the optimum acceleration rate, and if the driver is pushing the accelerator pedal too hard and using more fuel than is required it pushes back to inform them, it works in conjunction with an eco-driving indicator in the instrument panel, this informs the driver with real-time consumption levels to help them improve their green driving technique. The indicator is green when the driver has the car performing in its optimum fuel efficiency range, it flashes to amber if the driver is using more fuel than is necessary.

The ECO pedal is thought to improve fuel efficiency by 5-10% and Nissan could be offering the system on its production of cars as soon as 2009.