The Journey to the 2020 World Car Awards Has Already Begun

Look at this years winners and the front runners for 2020 all in one place...

It was only a matter of weeks ago when the 2019 World Car Awards were announced over at the New York International Auto Show, where the Jaguar I-Pace won awards for the World Car of the Year, World Green Car and World Car Design of the Year. Truly a commendable achievement from Jaguar who fought off extremely stiff competition in all three of those categories. The lovable Suzuki Jimny won World Urban Car while the McLaren 720 S won World Performance Car and the Audi A7 won World Luxury Car.

British motor enthusiasts have had the opportunity to view and visit all of this year's award-winning cars on display at the London Motor & Tech Show, where the ‘World Car Garage’ is being displayed alongside some of the early contenders for the 2020 awards...

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The Journey to the 2020 World Car Awards Has Already Begun Image 2

The all-new Evoque has been gifted an overdue refresh for 2019 and it now sports styling cues from the sleek Velar models. The Evoque dons pop-out door handles which sit flush when the car is locked, and a smoothed over front grille which improves efficiency and looks the business. The Evoque is now even more beautifully refined than ever before and boasts the incredible touch screen cockpit which is being rolled out across the Land Rover range.

The new Evoque wasn’t on sale soon enough to qualify for the 2019 World Car Awards but we’re confident it will be rubbing shoulders with the best in the business in when next years award ceremonies come around.


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The debut model from SEAT’s new CUPRA brand comes in the form of the Ateca, which is very similar to the already-existing SEAT Ateca, only its got more exhausts, more aggressive styling, exquisite sporty interior features and an engine that’s ready to party. Hot-Crossovers aren’t really a thing yet outside of the premium models, such as the Audi SQ3, but it seems inevitable that this segment will become considerably more popular over the coming years as crossovers continue to replace hatchbacks on the road and, naturally, hot crossovers will be likely to replace hot hatches. We love the look and feel of the CUPRA Ateca and we admire how brave CUPRA has been in launching this as their debut model. We look forward to seeing it at next years awards, but for now, you can go out and buy a brand new model for £35,915.

Volkswagen T-Cross

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Volkswagen has launched an all-out assault on the crossover market over the last few years and the latest weapon in their arsenal comes in the form of this delightfully quirky small-SUV, named the T-Cross. It’s only ever so slightly longer than the Volkswagen Polo but it sits a whole 138mm higher off the ground, which gives you an idea of where this fits into the SUV hierarchy. Of course, it’s a VW, so there are a load of engines to choose from and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how a car of this stature responds to a small 1.0-litre petrol engine, and the running costs are more than amicable. The T-Cross is on sale now from as little as £16,995, which is pretty affordable for a small SUV, nevermind a premium one with a VW badge on the front.


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A brand new Soul EV hits the roads and promises to clear up our carbon footprint by the tank-load as it offers up to 280 miles of range from a single charge, which is stepping on the toes of the Tesla models, whilst also being pitched at an accessible price point. Could this be one of the cars that tip the general public toward EV motoring? Well, it will be available from significantly below the £50,000 mark and we’re now all aware how comfortable and refined modern KIAs are, so there’s every chance that this could be a real game changer in the electric car market. Let’s hope KIA can get top honours in the 2020 World Car Awards to really help boost the profile of the new Soul EV.

So, there you are, 4 of the front-runners for next years awards have already been lined up against one another to be scrutinised and commended, which do you think has the strongest chance of winning some silverware? Alternatively, what other cars in the next 12 months show the most potential? Let us know in the comments…