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The Latest Edition of BMW’s X6 Has Been Unveiled

Meet the hottest Sports Activity Coupe on the market…

First of all, what on earth is a Sports Activity Coupe? Well, it’s a vehicle segment coined by BMW when they first launched their X6 over a decade ago, and since then countless premium manufacturers have attempted to emulate BMW efforts, all with varying success. It’s fair to say the X6 is still one of, if not the most, desirable SUV-coupe on the market, and things look to improve even more so as they have launched this new edition for 2020…

The new X6 - much like the old X6 - is built from the same bricks as the X5 sibling, only it is slightly more expensive and slightly less practical. It is, however, better looking than the X5 and it holds a slightly lower centre of gravity, so it should drive and corner that little bit better. The looks will be the main selling point for X6 buyers though. This new model is more hunched, more muscular and more imposing than the previous model, and those huge kidney grilles are reminiscent of the flared nostrils of a raging bull.

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Alright, it’s not as practical as an X5, but they are exceptionally practical. The X6 still boasts a pretty cavernous boot with a who 580 litres of luggage space, which is down from 645 litres in the X5. The rear row of seats has a 40:20:40 split which allows that boot space to swell to a substantial 1,525 litres. More than enough, you’d imagine.

Not that you’ll do any towing in your X6, but as a measure of its pulling power there is a maximum towing weight of 2,700 kilograms on offer which is largely down to the exceptionally high powered engines. BMW aren’t bothering with any entry-level 2.0-litre diesel 4cylinder models, they’ve left that territory for the Mercedes-Benz range. BMW instead are championing their higher-powered units.

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The smallest engine available in the X6 will be the 30d model - which is a straight-6 diesel engine 265 horsepower… it’s not a rocket but it’s more than powerful enough. This is the most economical model too, with a predicted economy between 42.8 mpg and 46.3 mpg. After this come the X6 40i petrol model, which has a particularly highly-strung straight-6 petrol engine with 340 horsepower. This one is not quite as economical, with fuel consumption tested between 32.8 and 35.3 mpg.

Despite the fact BMW are placing a lot of emphasis on their electrified models, there’s currently no plans to introduce a hybrid version of this new X6. Interestingly there will be a 616 horsepower X6 ‘M’ version is coming in 2020 and that will undoubtedly be the most polluting and most inefficient version of the X6 on sale… but it will be incredibly fast and equally expensive too.

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The new X6 is available to order now with prices from £59,340, but you’ll want to spend an extra £450 for the ‘Iconic Glow’ option which adds lights to the kidney grilles because… why not?

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