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The New Mercedes E Class

New system to stop drivers nodding off at the wheel

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Request a MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS test drive
The New Mercedes E Class is the first car in the world with a system that stops drivers nodding off at the wheel. Sensors measure how drivers use the steering wheel; the computer decides if the driver has got all their wits about them, if it decides they haven’t it sets off an alarm with a flashing cup of tea symbol. The new model doesn’t look anymore exciting but Mercedes have gone to great lengths with new technology. New design tyres which have nearly a fifth less friction against the road, energy saving controls added to the air conditioning, alternator, fuel pump and steering and a camera on the windscreen to detect cars in front and ease the headlamps onto high beam if it’s safe. The E Class also has an infra red night vision system that can recognise pedestrians through their body heat. Economy has been improved, the 2.2 litre E250 uses a smaller diesel engine than the E280 it replaces, and the motor has more pulling power and uses 23 percent less fuel. There are lower powered versions of the same engine in the E220 and E200 and they achieve 53.3 mpg. Twenty percent has been shaved off the fuel consumption of the petrol engines; the E200 will now do 41.5mpg. The Mercedes will be on sale from June and the price will start at approximately £30,000.