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The Offers Available From Hyundai In Their Scrappage Scheme

All the models included in the Hyundai scrappage scheme and how to qualify.

i10S 1.0 Model only£1,545.00
i10All other models£1,500.00
i20S 1.2 Model only£2,110.00
i20All other models£2,000.00
New i30All Models£4,000.00
i40All Models£3,000.00
ix20All Models£2,000.00
TucsonAll Models£3,500.00
Santa FeAll Models£5,000.00
IONIQHybrid only£2,000.00

According to an official Hyundai Press Release: “New petrol and diesel scrappage and trade-in scheme designed to remove thousands of older and more polluting models from UK roads, improving air quality in the process” and “The scheme applies to cars that are Euro 1-4 emissions standard: those registered before 31 December 2009”