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The ‘Think Electric Car’

The new electric car set to challenge the G-Wiz

The Think was on display at the British International Motor Show it is due to go on sale next summer it will cost around £14,000.

It has a top speed of 65mph which will make it the fastest and most advanced battery car to go on sale in Britain. The car can go to 126 miles without needing to be recharged. The car has all the mod-cons of a full-sized saloon, including airbags, powered steering, air-conditioning and electric windows, while its 'fuel' bill will come to just £120 over 10,000 miles compared with about £1,600 for a petrol car.

The bodywork is made of ABS plastic which the manufacturers describe as ‘virtually indestructible’ it is also capable of 0-30mph in just over six seconds.

There will be a monthly 'rental' charge of £100 for the lithium polymer batteries. Think UK promises to replace the batteries free every five years to maintain performance. If the car is charged up on the cheap-rate overnight electricity, the bill will be only £50. Already charging points are being placed in cities around the country by a Brighton-based company called Elektromotive. a tag can be purchased for £75, which enables users to plug in their car for a year. The negative observation would be the fact that energy companies may be less enthusiastic about offering cheap electricity at night should demand soar.

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