Time Running Out For Manufacturer Scrappage Schemes

Just one month left to make a saving of up to £7k off your new car by handing over your old one.

Cast your mind back to the start of October and you’ll remember that pretty much every mainstream manufacturer launched their own scrappage schemes to help remove the older, more polluting vehicles from the roads and replace them with cleaner alternatives.

If you’ve been playing with the idea of changing your car, you’ll be lucky to find bigger discounts available at any other time of the year, so now might be the best time to cash in. 

So, what are you after?

Small hatchbacks/ Superminis

Toyota Aygo 

The dinky little Toyota has been a solid performer in terms of sales for a while in Britain and owners tend to appreciate the solid build quality, affordable running costs and reasonable pricing structure. 

Renault Clio

Another highly decorated hatchback in the UK, the Renault Clio now exists in its most complete and most practical form. Elegant styling, impressive handling and excellent practicality make this a solid choice for a daily runaround car.

Ford Fiesta

Good news! The most loved car in the UK is now available with a fair whack off the asking price. There’s a brand new model out for 2017 as well, you might have seen one or two on the roads by now. The front headlights and daytime running lights really add a splash of youth to the character of the Fiesta. All models of the new Fiesta are available with a £2,000 saving except for the Style.

Audi A1

The A1 is a bit of a standalone car, because not many premium manufacturers bother making anything to attack the supermini market, which is probably why the A1 has been so successful in the few years it has existed. Both the 4-door ‘Sportback’ and the 3 door A1 are available with a big £2,800 discount off the list price.

MINI Hatchback

The MINI needs no explanation here, really. Alright, they are getting bigger and bigger with every generation, but they’re also getting more practical, more convenient and even more fun to drive. The MINI can also be spec’d with an award-winning 1.5 litre turbocharged 3 cylinder engine which is both brilliant fun to drive and also pleasingly fuel-efficient.

Family sized hatchbacks

Renault Megane

One of the better selling hatchbacks in this country is the Megane, for similar reasons to its younger sibling, the Clio. The Megane has that French panache which makes it a pleasure to own and live with, while also offering real benefits like exceptional fuel economy and a rather big boot. Combine the current customer saving of £2,000 with the £2,000 scrappage allowance and you can get up to £4,000 off a new Megane if you hand in a qualifying car.

Ford Focus

The best selling hatchback in the country, now available with up to £4,950 off for the Titanium and Titanium X models, or £4,450 off the Zetec Edition and ST-Line. This means that higher you fix your sights up the spec sheet, the more you will save. It’s not been this affordable to get a well-equipped Focus in a long time.

MINI Countryman

The Countryman is still selling well in the UK despite heated competition from elsewhere in the market. Fundamentally it is a car which offers enough practicality and usability to suit pretty much every family driver. The raised ride height makes the drive nice and comfortable too, especially good for long motorway journeys.

All this now for £2,000 less if you hand over the keys to your old car.

BMW 1 Series

Widely considered to be the most rewarding hatchback to drive on the market, the 1 Series has been highly thought of in this country for a good while. Whether you’re more suited to the frugal petrol 118i, or the fruitier 125d diesel model, there’ll be a 1 Series that suits your needs, and it’s nice to have a saving of up to £2,000 available.

Volkswagen E-Golf

The E-Golf might be the most discounted car you’ll find in the scrappage scheme, When you trade in an eligible car you can get up to £5,500 off the list price as a scrappage discount, then, combine that with the £4,500 discount of the OLEV grant and you’ve got a huge £10k saving.

Popular SUVs

Dacia Duster

The Duster is cheap enough as it is, surely? £9,995 is cheap enough, surely Dacia can’t afford to give much more of a discount off that list price? Well, they can, and they are. An extra £1,000 off when you give them a qualifying car. Quick though, orders must be placed before the 31st of December.

Toyota Rav4

If you’re looking for a capable, sophisticated and user-friendly SUV for your family then the Rav4 is a pretty good start. It’s available as a hybrid model too, which will help make the fuel bills more digestible. Right now, if you hand over your older model you can get up to £3,500 off the list price off a brand new Rav4 or Rav4 Hybrid.


The smallest of the BMW X-family, the X1 is a good starter SUV for anyone who is currently in a hatchback but contemplating a bigger 4x4. The X1 has all the practical benefits of the 1 Series hatchback but also blends in the safety and ride height of an SUV. Easy to drive, easy to live with and a scrappage discount of £2,000 against a qualifying car is easy to stomach too…

Ford Kuga

The new and improved Kuga now boasts a more up-to-date front profile, better material qualities inside and sportier trim levels. The biggest improvement is the new Sync-3 infotainment system which is now on-par with cars from the sector (and price range) above. Every model and trim level of the Kuga is available with between £3,000 and £4,500 off when bought against a qualifying scrappage vehicle.

Premium SUVs

Audi Q5

The Q5 is a highly desirable family car that possesses a lovely, luxurious interior, loads of technology and an agreeable aesthetic. It’s worth noting that although the Q5 starts at a slightly more expensive price than the X5, you can currently get a massive £4,000 off the list price when you trade in a qualifying vehicle. 


Like the Q5, the X5 is a similarly desirable 4x4 that commands respect on the roads. Deciding between the two often comes down to the individual's tastes, and which manufacturer can provide the better deal. BMW is offering a saving of up to £2,000 off their xDrive40e model, which is one of the best out of the range.

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you’re looking for a big, burly 4x4 that will conquer pretty much anything you can throw in front of it, the Land Cruiser is the one for you. There’s a reason the millionaire sheikhs of Abu Dhabi choose this monsters to tackle the sand dunes and run down to the supermarket, they are supremely capable and comfortable, they’re also not quite as precious as something like a Range Rover, which most people would be scared to take down a muddy, single-path road. Trade in your qualifying vehicle with Toyota and et up to £4,000 off the Land Cruiser.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

It’s difficult to keep track of which of these 4x4s from Mercedes is which. The key is to look at the last letter, in this case, ‘E’ - the GLE is the E Class of the 4x4 range, bigger than the GLC and smaller than the GLS. Still, a very large car that is available as a coupé which looks particularly demonic. Both the GLE and GLE Coupe are available with £2,000 off against a qualifying vehicle.

Sports & Prestige cars

BMW 7 Series

A bit of a niche car, yes, but if your job involves ferrying around your fellow business executives, or perhaps you’re just looking to provide your family with superior comfort and luxury, then the 7 Series is seriously worth a look-in. Absolutely dripping with state of the art, military-grade technology, this luxury saloon really is the bee’s knees. BMW is currently offering a £2,000 discount on the 740e, 725d, 730d, 740Le, 725Ld and 730Ld models.

Audi A6 

Available as the saloon, ‘all-road’ or the ‘Avant’ model, the A6 is a serious car for serious people. There’s leather absolutely everywhere inside and through the steering wheel peeps an incredible virtual cockpit which integrates the Sat-Nav and an intuitive dashboard. Audi appears to be the most generous manufacturer across all of these scrappage schemes, and that’s true for the A6 which is available with a massive £7,000 off the list price.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The C-Class marque has become an umbrella term, incorporating, the saloon model, estate model, coupe model and convertible model. Whether you’ve got a dog to fit in the boot or just a set of golf clubs, or whether you don’t mind storing your roof in there on sunny days, there’s something for everybody in the C-Class range. Every body shape of the C-Class is available with a £2,000 saving when you hand over your qualifying car.

Toyota GT86

Very much a niche car, but one that the real drivers among us will adore. The GT86 is a sports car which compensates with what it lacks in power with how it behaves in the bends. Skinny tyres make this rear-wheel-drive coupé an absolute blast to take round the country roads and the steering is simply spot-on. Now’s as good as time as ever to get yourself in a GT86 as you can get £2,000 off when you trade in an eligible car.