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Top ten cars to suffer electrical faults

Cars are now increasingly full of technical wizardy.

Cars are now increasingly full of technical wizardy so it is not surprising that electrical faults account for 27% of all car failures. Overall nearly four in ten cars experience problems and electrical faults are among the common causes of breakdown with repair bills as high as £2500.

Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct said “electrical faults are extremely common and the amount of computer technology we demand in our new cars today is to blame. We pay a huge number of claims to fix highly complex systems such as the electronic control units at the heart of modern cars. Often problematic to put right, owners can end up visiting expensive franchised dealers to fix faults.”

The top ten cars to suffer electrical faults were compiled by Warranty Direct using 50,000 live policies that contribute to its website. The Renault Megane is at the top of the list and is not necessarily known for its gadgetry but the hatchback’s electrical problems contribute to an overall failure of 50%. The Peugeot 607 follows in second place followed by the BMW Z4 in third place. The Renault Modus is in fourth place with a 29.61% chance of failure, the Audi A2 is fifth and the Landrover Range Rover is sixth followed by the Landrover Discovery. The Audi A3 is eighth and the Smart Roadster is ninth with the Audi A4 Convertible in tenth place with a 24.44% chance of failure.

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