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Toyota iQ electric model

Full electric Toyota iQ by 2012

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Request a TOYOTA IQ test drive

Toyota has announced that the Toyota iQ will be available as a full electric vehicle by 2012. The car will use the Ni-mh batteries rather that the Li-Ion version. This decision is due to the current demand of Li-Ion batteries exceeding the overall production capacity.

The current petrol-engine Toyota iQ has an ultra efficient 1litre three cylinder engine which returns more than 60mpg, it has a co2 emission figure of 99g/km, with a maximum speed of 93mph and capable of 0-62mph in 14.7 seconds.

The dinky Toyota iQ is less than ten feet long, it is the smallest premium four seater but in reality it seems it is more likely to be used as a two-seater with an extended boot, but you could put a young child in the back and although an adult will fit in don’t expect to be in the greatest comfort.

The Toyota iQ 2 1.0 includes climate control, automatic headlights and wipers, smartkey entry electric mirrors and windows and more power is available with the 1.3 96 bhp iQ 3 version for £2000 more. Prices start at £9.495.