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Toyota Prius

Both a green car and a family car

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Request a TOYOTA PRIUS test drive

Toyota has tried to make the Toyota Prius more refined, more spacious, more dynamic and most importantly more fuel efficient and less polluting. In current economic times, high MPG and low tax are what most consumers are looking for. And the Prius certainly delivers on that front. The co2 emissions are so low that its company car tax rate is just 10% while the official average fuel economy is 72.4mpg.

There appears to be more legroom in the 2009 model this is due to the cleverly sculpted seat backs, the impressive amount of head room is due to the highest point of the sloping roof being further back. The boot is also larger thanks to a smaller better integrated battery under the floor.

The interior of the Toyota Prius manages to balance the futuristic concept car feel you’d expect from a technologically advanced car with a large helping of real-world usability. The seats are comfy, the colours are light and airy and it is incredibly spacious. It is fabulous to drive the super light steering makes it easy to get round town, there is plenty of grip and decent refinement and the ride is nice and smooth on the motorway. The Toyota Prius is capable of 0-62mph in 10.4 seconds and has top speed of 112mph.

The Toyota Prius isn’t the cheapest car to buy, prices are from £18,370 but if you buy the entry level T3 model it is so well equipped that there is no need to buy a dearer version.

According to the manufacturer website, the car costs up to £4400 less to run than an equivalent Ford Mondeo as a company car over 3 years, and £45 more than its rival, the Honda Insight IMA SE.

Toyota retailers now have all models available for sale, and our opinion is that with the class leading warranty and reliability, good looks plus fantastic value driving, the Prius is a tough one to beat.

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