Traffic Hotspots For The Bank Holiday Weekend

Another 3 day weekend, try and spend as little of it in traffic as possible.

Another Bank Holiday is approaching and it looks like the weather might be holding out, so naturally, you can expect the motorway network to be chock-a-block from Friday afternoon right through to Monday night.

The usual seaside resorts are likely to be particularly busy this weekend, but that much is obvious and can’t really be avoided.

There are also some major events going on across the country. Firstly, you’ve got Leeds festival, where 80,000 people will be travelling up and down the A1(M) to just north of Leeds.

Similarly, the M4 and M25 will feel the weight of festival goers travelling to Reading this weekend. Lastly, there is also the Notting Hill carnival, where most revellers usually arrive by public transport but due to the questionably-timed closure of London Euston station this weekend, the situation could be exacerbated.

The road network, however, is undergoing some major restorations and using this tool from the highways agency we’ve found where the longest traffic jams are expected.

  • The A1 - Northbound and southbound - there’s countless roadworks, repairs, and vast stretches down to one lane. The most severe area is likely to be around Catterick, which is a key area for people travelling to and from Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland and so on. are also anticipating ‘All Lanes Will Be Closed’ on the A1 Southbound between the A6136 and junction for the A684 from 8pm on the 24th of August until 6am on the 25th.
  • The M1 - The highways agency expects severe delays both north and southbound on the M1, most likely through junction 24 and 26 near Nottingham, where smart motorways are being installed.
  • The M25 - Shock. The M25 is going to be a nightmare, just like every other day of the year. Delays are expected between junctions 24 and 29, as well as junctions 11 and 10 - clockwise and anti clockwise.
  • The M6 - Arguably the biggest joke of a motorway in the country right now. The ‘Smart’ motorway installations which have taken about 4 years (and will still take a good few more) are going to cause havoc - again. Expect average speed checks at 50mph, which will essentially just rub-in the fact you’ll struggle to get over 30mph in your skin tight lanes with HGVs inches away from your wing mirrors. The delays are going to be around junction 20/21 which is where the M6 joins with the busy M62. You’ll have to click the link above to view the full list of delays scheduled on the M6, this bullet point list simply isn’t big enough.
  • The M60 - Much like London, the Manchester ring road is going to be full to the brim this weekend. Again, the torturous Smart Motorway installations are to blame as an average speed check and narrow lanes are in place. This is compounded by the delays on the junction where the M62 meets the M6. The stretch between junction 24 and 27, in both directions, will be the worst affected.
  • The M62 - And, Northerners, don’t think you’re fun stops there. There will be a trail of delays across the M62 from Manchester to Leeds - with delays expected in both directions. These delays are expected at intervals between junction 9 and 10, 24 and 26 and between 29 and 32 - so most of the length of the motorway, joy of joys. Certainly, something to bare in mind if you’re heading to Leeds festival from the Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire or North Wales areas.

As always, motorists, we’d recommend planning ahead and leaving yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. We’d recommend using a traffic-responsive navigation such as Google Maps or Waze. 

Drive safe, enjoy yourselves and have a great bank holiday weekend!