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Trial of Electric Minis has hit the streets

Pollution free Mini E’s trial begins

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Request a MINI test drive

The electric Mini E that costs as little as 1p per mile to run has begun a trial in the South East. Twenty guinea pig drivers will use the Mini E for six months on a £330 a month leasing deal, home chargers have been installed in their garages. Marks and Spencer’s have announced it will fit top up electric charging points for cars at numerous out of town sites in the South East.

The plug in Mini E is capable of 150 miles on an off peak £1.50 battery charge giving drivers an unbelievable 1p a mile motoring. Smart meters will track charging and usage patterns to help power firms and Mini plan the future. Each Mini E can fully charge in approximately four and a half hours for as little as £1.50 if charged up overnight at off peak rates. Once fully charged the Mini E has a range of around 150 miles. The electric Mini E is also capable of 0-62mph in just 8.5 seconds; the top speed is 95mph. The Mini E is based on the current Mini hatchback but there is the loss of the two rears seats due to the massive lithium ion battery. The batteries are based on technologies proven in power units for mobiles and portable computers.