UK's Top 10 Most Popular New Cars For February 2017

Number of new registrations confirmed, most popular fuel type, most prolific sector and year-to-date figures.

Ford takes top spot

In February 2017, the Ford Fiesta continued to be the nation's  most popular new car as the market fell slightly compared to February 2016, the UK-based Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders confirmed. Fiesta registrations totalled 4,282 in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and The Isle of Man.

Other cars proved popular, too. The table below reveals the top 10.

1Ford Fiesta4,282
2Volkswagen Golf2,949
3Vauxhall Astra2,170
4Ford Focus1,971
5Nissan Qashqai1,829
6Mercedes-Benz C-Class1,760
7Volkswagen Polo1,746
8Audi A31,532
9Vauxhall Corsa1,362
10BMW 3 Series1,341

Total registrations

In February 2017, 83,115 new cars were registered compared to 83,395 in the equivalent month the previous year (-0.3%). Petrol proved the most popular fuel type. Registrations hit 42,826 – compared to 40,463 throughout February 2016 – which was a 5.8% rise.

Fuel type and sector

Diesel was the second most popular fuel type – but far less so than in the recent past. In February 2017, new registrations totalled 36,981 compared to 40,711 in February 2016 (-9.2%). Alternatively fuelled vehicles, in contrast, grew in popularity. Registrations climbed to 3,308 compared to only 2,221 the previous year (+48.9%).

Of the 83,115 vehicles registered, 45,699 – the vast majority - found homes within a fleet. This represented an increase from 44,253 for February 2016 (+3.3%). Private registrations, in contrast, fell to 36,018 rather than 37,665 the previous year (-4.4%). February 2017 business registrations hit 1,398 which was a fall from 1,477 for the equivalent month the previous year (-5.3%).

Market to “bounce back”

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Chief Executive, Mike Hawes, explained: “February is traditionally one of the quietest months of the year and steady performance was expected following another year of record growth in 2016.”

He continued: “We expect to see the market bounce back in March as buyers take advantage of the new 17-plate, as well as the last chance to buy a car eligible for current, lower, VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) rates before they change on 1 April.”

Vehicle registrations year-to-date 2017

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders further confirmed the year-to-date registrations. The following table reveals the most popular vehicles. In contrast to February 2017 alone, the BMW 3 Series failed to reach the top 10. The Nissan Juke took its spot.

1Ford Fiesta12,777
2Volkswagen Golf8,404
3Ford Focus6,767
4Vauxhall Astra6,235
5Mercedes-Benz C-Class5,990
6Nissan Qashqai5,329
7Vauxhall Corsa5,260
8Nissan Juke4,759
9Volkswagen Polo4,742
10Audi A34,650