Volkswagen Price Match For Service, Maintenance And Repair

How VW Price Match works, benefits of trusting the manufacture in preference to competitors plus a short, online, film

Volkswagen Price Match explained

Volkswagen Price Match ensures the manufacturer matches like-for-like service, maintenance and repair quotes to guarantee value for money. Simply check the competitor is based within five miles of your authorised franchise and that its written quote includes genuine parts. “Cannot say fairer than that”, Volkswagen suggested.

Benefits of manufacturer care

Manufacturer care is superior to its lesser counterparts. The technicians – rather than work on different makes and model each day - specialise so are best placed to maintain your car to standard. There is no guess work. They know exactly what is required. The technicians have access to brand specific tools, too.

Volkswagen only fits genuine parts to ensure the best fit, compatibility and performance. It considers cheaper alternatives insufficient.  “Genuine brake discs and pads help minimise stopping distances (which) enhances the safety of your vehicle, its occupants, other road users and pedestrians”, it said. Furthermore:

  • A genuine exhaust silencer maximises engine performance, minimises fuel consumption and ensures the car sounds correct
  • A genuine air filter ensures that air entering the engine is clean - and that the fuel and air mixture is correct 
  • A genuine oil filter minimises engine wear and extends it life
  • A genuine cabin filter properly cleans the air you breathe, minimises strain on the blower motor and cuts fuel consumption

There is a further point to consider. Volkswagen care ensures your car maintains as much of its financial value as practical. It proves it is maintained to standard which makes it a more desirable, second-hand, purchase, after all. Handy when it is time to sell and switch to one of the manufacturer’s newer alternatives.

Amusing film

Volkswagen Price Match is the subject of a short, tongue in cheek, film that can be seen online at the manufacturer’s website. It opens with a wide shot of an empty road that has mature trees immediately adjacent. A blue cloudless sky finishes the background.

A Volkswagen Golf hatchback – a small, family class, vehicle and among the best selling in The United Kingdom in 2017 - passes from the right of the shot to the theft. It then vanishes. The light changes slightly to prove time has passed, the car sweeps through in the other direction then vanishes (again). This pattern repeats.

A black screen interrupts the sequence. White lettering states: “Finding a better quote than ours can be hard”. This, of course, explains why the car frequently passed through the shot on the same road. “But if you do we’ll match it”, a second black screen states.