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Warranty - Better be safe than sorry!

Jason Dawe talks about extended warranties...

It’s amazing how time flies, and when you’ve shelled out thousands of £’s on a new car it’s difficult to accept that it’s getting older. It seems just 5 minutes ago that the new 2003/2004 plates were out and yet for many it will soon be time for a first MOT and the realisation that the original manufacturer’s warranty may be just about to expire. If that’s the case then my advice is to get it thoroughly checked over by your dealer to make sure everything is put right before you end up footing the bill.

One-way or another you will probably want to find out about how much an extended warranty might cost you. Most car companies offer you their own but they can be expensive and tie you in to getting the car serviced at a main dealer. One of the largest online warranty companies, Warranty Direct, offers MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Cover) from as little as £15 per month with no wear and tear exclusion and the ability to have your own choice of garage.

The commonest problems recorded in the months after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired relate to suspension (34%), braking system (22%), electrics (22%), and engine (19%). All can result in an expensive garage visit. Recent research uncovered the cost of labour rising to an average of £65 - but as high as £150 - an hour, the typical repair bill for a 3-year old car now hits £308.25, escalating into possibly thousands for any major mechanical failures.

If you have had your car regularly serviced it shouldn’t give you any problems, but Murphy’s Law dictates that hours after the warranty expires you will start to hear an ominous rattle from somewhere that could end up costing you a small fortune – shopping around for an extended warranty could prove a sound investment.

Happy Motoring!


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