Warranty Wise Policy Advantages

Warranty Wise is one the UK's leading used car warranty specialists.

Warranty Wise is one the UK's leading used car warranty specialists. Their flexible policies, as designed by former Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson, minimise both repair costs and stress. There are several easy to follow options. Bronze policies, for example, cover basics such as the engine, camshaft timing belts, transmission, clutch, drive train, and differential. It also covers 70% of the cost of failure due to 'premature wear and tear'.

Silver Cover also includes the suspension, braking elements, and electrical items such as the voltage regulator and ignition coil. Choose Gold Cover to protect the cruise control system and engine temperature sensor too. Finally, Platinum includes the air bags, air conditioning unit, and catalytic converter. This list is not exhaustive. Furthermore, motorists can specify 'additions' to cover specific items such as multi-media features.

Warranty Wise customers can pay for one, two, or three years cover. Alternatively, sign-up for single month insurance – one month at a time. Most vehicles can be protected, but exceptions include Japanese imports. However, vehicles must have been serviced within twelve months and have covered 100,000 miles or less. Furthermore policies can be transferred between owners, there are no excesses, and 80% of claims are settled in full.

Warranty Wise make it easy to source no obligation quotations. Simply visit their website and enter your vehicle's registration number. Motorists yet to purchase a car can select their preferred make and model. Very simple. Very easy. Happy days.