What can you get for £10,000 nowadays?

There is a wide variety of new cars available if your budget is around the £10,000 mark

What can you get for ten thousand pounds? There is a wide choice especially if you use the government scrappage scheme but even without it there is a wide variety of new cars available if your budget is around the ten thousand pound mark.

The Ford Ka is a favourite and the Ford Ka Studio 1.2 can be bought for £8595, it is only a city car but it is high on economy and the engine falls into the £35 a year road tax bracket. It can achieve 55.4mpg and has a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour. Another city car which is probably a lot more popular is the Fiat 500 the 1.2 Pop can be purchased for £8,300 the 1.4 Sport is a bit dearer and if £10,000 is the limit then another nine hundred pounds would be needed if the 1.4 Sport is the preferred.

Slightly bigger but still under the ten thousand mark is the Fiat Grande Punto the 1.4 Active can be bought for £9,650. It is cheap on insurance has low tax and economy is good at 47.9mpg. This car has impressive amounts of interior space for both front and rear passengers and is a proper five-seater. The Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia is only £7,995 and the 1.4 Acenta just hits the budget at £9,995. This is another car that is cheap to run with good mpg and low insurance.

If four doors are needed then the Renault Modus is an option just going over the £10,000 budget by fifty pounds if the 1.2 Expression model is chosen. A roomy car with excellent fuel economy with insurance that is relatively cheap. Another four door car that could become a best seller is the handsome Seat Ibiza, the entry model 1.2 70 S is only £9595.