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Top 10 Electric Vehicles With The Longest Range

Which Electric Car Can Go Furthest?

Top 10 Electric Vehicles With The Longest Range
By Phil Gardner
Sep 26, 2017
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‘Range anxiety’ is a new term which has been coined to describe the feeling of running out of charge in an electric car. It’s something a lot, if not all, EV owners have come across at some point and is certainly anxiety inducing. Manufacturers are trying to overcome this by increasing the range of their EV’s with bigger batteries and more efficient vehicle management systems. Today we’re listing the 10 EV’s that can go the furthest on one single charge.

10 - Citroen C-Zero/ Peugeot ION - 93 miles

Citroen C-Zero

The Citroen C-Zero is essentially the Peugeot ION but with a different badge on the front. They’re two near-identical twins. They start at the exact same price too. The dealership network should be the only reason you choose one over the other - go with whoever is more convenient for you (when servicing comes around) and offers you the better deal. With these cars you get a 66bhp electric motor which is powered by lithium-ion batteries. A standard domestic socket will give it a full charge in about 7 hours. Both cars start from £12,495 which is a lot for a city-car, but not a lot for an EV and you should make the difference back through ownership.

9 - Volkswagen E-UP! - 93 miles

Volkswagen E-UP

While it may sound like a welcoming greeting between northerners the ‘E-up!’ is a properly good city car. The standard up! has been the city car of choice after winning over the hearts of motoring journalists across the county and the electric version uses all the same parts except for the engine. Instead you’re given an 81bhp electric motor with an 18.7kwh lithium ion battery. There are no compromises on interior space either, unlike some rivals, so it’s certainly a car that will be easy to live with, but is a 93 mile range enough to dispel range anxiety for you?

8 - Mercedes B250e - 124 miles

Mercedes B250e

Mercedes took a brave and intuitive move to apply electronic technology to an already existing car. This means parts and production were more affordable and, because they’re on the same production line, they can build to order and avoid having surplus cars. The B250e is actually a quick car as well as supremely comfortable and spacious, it will do 0-60mph in 7.9 seconds.

7 - KIA Soul EV - 132 miles


Based on the top-selling KIa Soul, which boasts individual styling and boxy proportions, is the new Soul EV. It comes with a class-leading 7 year warranty and the maintenance plans last 5 years and are only £328 too. Best of all, it costs just £2 for a full charge overnight and this will get you a whole 132 miles. There is only one spec-level available in the Soul EV but it comes with plenty of standard kit, sat-nav, heated seats, DAB radio, keyless entry and so on. The Soul EV is a very nice to car to own.

6 - Volkswagen E-Golf - 186 miles

Volkswagen E-Golf

Based on a typically fantastic hatchback, you’d be correct in thinking the electric vehicle would follow suit. It boasts many of the practicality and comfort perks of the standard hatchback, the electric model offers 186 miles of range which should be plenty for most people on a day-to-day basis, but you’d be forgiven for wanting slightly more from a full charge. Still, it’s 103 miles more range than was on offer from the first e-Golf, so a marked improvement there!

5 - BMW i3 - 186 miles

If you’re a bit of gadget-geek and you like futuristic concepts and technology, the i3 is the one for you. Featuring a state of the art interior with natural and recycled materials, the i3 is a real style icon and offers an upper-class option to the EV market. As well as boasting a prestigious BMW badge, the i3 does offer a premium interior with a fantastic build quality. 186 miles should be plenty too, twice as much as the first generation i3, and real-world testing suggests this isn’t too hard to achieve.

4- Nissan LEAF - 235miles

Arguably the most iconic EV on the market and by far the most popular. The new Nissan Leaf (on sale from October 2nd 2017) is likely to carry the crown as the best-selling EV on the market. The new Leaf will be built in the UK for Nissan’s European market, which is always a good thing as it cements the roles of over 40,000 Nissan employees in our country. The car itself is brought up to speed with the rest of the lineup, with a more modern front end as well as a really smart interior. There’s also a more potent battery and more efficient battery management system.

3 - Renault Zoe - 250 miles

A top-performing EV from Renault exists in their Zoe model. A small hatchback/ city car which boasts smooth styling and very easy-going running costs. The Zoe shares the interior with the sensible Clio hatch and doesn’t feel like a huge leap from a traditionally powered car to a futuristic EV, which some buyers will certainly welcome. To the untrained eye, the ZOE looks like any other petrol powered cars, there is no quirky design cues or bright colours to indicate there’s an electric motor keeping it going. This is another selling point, some people just want to blend in, not everyone wants to stand out shouting “look at me I’m in an Electric Vehicle.”

2 - Tesla Model X - 351 miles

Earlier this year Tesla launched their Model X as a seven-seat SUV that creates a whole new segment in the market. How does it pair up against other fully-electric SUVs available with over 600 horsepower and a 0-60 of just 3.2 seconds? Well, there are none. This Model X is a car like no other from the manufacturer/ tech-firm that continues to flip the automotive industry on its head. Tesla has quoted a maximum range of 351 miles for the Model X…

1 - Tesla Model S 100d - 509 miles

Tesla Model S

The Model S has been a real gamechanger from Elon Musk, ex-CEO of PayPal. The Model S is the most forward thinking and advanced car of the last decade Using futuristic lithium ion battery packs the Model S achieves 509 miles on one single charge. This figure is only achievable in the 100D model with an average speed of 45mph and the outdoor temperature over 30 degrees - but you can still expect in excess of 400 miles comfortably in the UK. You could also choose the P100d - which hasn’t about 80% of the range of the non-P model, but it will do 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds…

By Phil Gardner
Sep 26, 2017
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